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Aky's Story...

Aky vom Bergweiler (SZ0010777, US10857) 

Date of Birth: 2/3/98

DNA Profile: #V40028

CERF: GS-780 Normal (1999)

OFA Hips: Good (GS-58037G24M-T)

OFA Elbows: Normal (GS-EL10893-T)

Titles Earned: AD, BH, FH, SchHI, PD, 
WDS(wheels), WD(snow), UWP, UWPCH,
CGC, Am./Can. TD,  Am. TDX, CD,

This is Aky; he was born on February 3, 1998 in Missoula Montana. I had the privilege of being
there when he was born and being able to watch him, along with his brothers and sisters, grow. I
even got to help bottle feed him a couple of times. What an experience! Just one of the great
advantages of finding a local breeder.

From the moment he was born I knew there was something special about him and although
at the time I was not looking for a new puppy I knew I would see him again some day. When
he was 8 weeks old he moved to Washington to be with his family and start his schutzhund
career. He spent 6 very happy months there; but tragically his owner lost her battle with cancer
and Aky moved back in with his breeder while he looked for a new home. It didn't take long
for me to realize this was fate and the two of us were simply meant to be together.

Aky is a dark sable of medium build. He has tons of drive and just loves to work. He is easy
going and has a tremendous desire to please. I often call him my happy boy because his tail is
always wagging. He is out of German working lines; linebred on the "E" litter Korbelbach (5-4).
The first four generations of his pedigree contain 17 dogs that have either been in the BSP or
have produced dogs that were. We are currently training for Schutzhund, AKC/UKC obedience,
AKC tracking, and agility. We also enjoy backpacking, skijoring and playing frisbee in the back
yard. Click here if you would like to see some pictures of Aky enjoying his various activities.

Aky's Pedigree...

Aky Vom Bergweiler

*SG - Haslan Vom Alten 
Felsenkeller SchH3 
KKL 1 "A" Normal ; SZ:1885550, USF:3172

*V-Benny v.d. Huehnerburg 
SchH3 IP1 ZB ; SZ:1616545

*V-Seigo v. Angerholz SchH3, SZ 1476541

*V-Lars vom Fuerstendamm 
SchH1 DDR 0072081 K: 5546/44 HZS-DDR 76: V3 
V-Wilma vom Haus Himpel HGH; DDR 0077599;
*SG-Jule vom Haus Knufken SchH3 IP1;
SZ 1424597;
*Thilo vom Haus Knuefken SchH1 HGH; SZ:1298678
*Hella von Boehlsruh SchH2; SZ: 1326777

*SG-Zussel v.d. boesen
SchH3; SZ: 1757640

*V-Torro vom Korbelbach SchH3; IP3; SZ: 1648926;

*Bojar de Lupis Fidis
SchH3; SZ: 1571802;
Kkl. 1 - ZB: SG - "a" normal

*Umsa vom Bungalow SchH3 FH; SZ: 1412391; BSP 79 V3 292, '80 V3 294

*V-Resi v.d. boesen Nachbarschaft
SchH3 FH;
SZ: 1674219;

*Nero vom Laichenbach SchH3 FH;
SZ: 1445839
*Askja vom Froschgraben 
SchH3 FH IP3;
SZ: 1491332

Platz 1: H.König mit Asco v.d. Hole
Platz 2: K.Falkenstern mit Flori v. Berglein
Platz 3 : R.Schuler mit Askia v. Froschgraben

*G-Yessi v.d. Zederau SchHII, KKL2; SZ:4630 US:5761

*SG-Griff v.d. Lindenhall SchH3, FH SZ:1667037

*Santo v.d. Kopperpahlerallee SchH3, FH; SZ:1426054

*V-Drigon vom Fuhrmannshof
SchH3, FH, INT; SZ:1296591
*SG-Coria v.d. Kolonie SchH3; SZ:1314452
*Ira vom Jaegermeister SchH2; SZ:1480341 *Gundo von Lierberg SchH3; SZ:1349770
*Betty vom Jaegermeister SchH1; SZ:1309551

*Ilka vom Salztalblick SchH1; SZ:1687652

*V-Asko vom Joufne Keyleff SchH3; SZ:1565630

*V-Uwe von Kirschental SchH3, FH; SZ:1429071
*Ester vom Koerbelback SchH3; SZ:1459539
*Vilbe vom Riemsloherwald SchH2; SZ:1524171 *Matsch vom Bungalow SchH3, FH, IP3; SZ:1388633
*SG-Jollie vom Goldwasser SchH3; SZ:1385560

Many Thanks to the people who helped me find the information and pictures used to create this pedigree:
Yvonne Hecht,"Bits and Bytes" GSD Pedigree Research,
R.L. Plummer at Arkham Manor,
East German Shepherd Central,
and Ann Weiler.
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Adventures with Aky (pictures)...

Here's Aky Modeling his new backpack.
He's 18 months old in this picture.
"I'll save you mom!"
"Where did you say you left 
the car keys mom?"
Click here to see more
of Aky's tracking
"Hey mom; stop clownin' around
and let's go get some treats!"
Making it look easy at his first weight pull competition
Click here to see Aky's
 pulling with IWPA
click here to see Aky's
introduction to UKC weight pulling
"Hey Gimmie that Sleeve"
Click here to see more of Aky's
Schutzhund Adventures
photo by NorthWest K9

Aky, Super GSD
Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound -
Well Almost anyway

Click here to see more
of Aky's agility adventures
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