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     Every year thousands of dogs are dumped in shelters.  Some find new
    loving forever-homes, others are euthanized.  Those are the lucky ones.  There are still
    others who find themselves left on the street destined to be hungry, cold and lonely;
    others are left chained in backyards and forgotten, left to slowly starve to death.  This is
    no life for a breed as nobel as the German Shepherd Dog (or any other breed either).

    If you are thinking about adding a dog to your family please consider adopting one from
    a shelter or rescue organization.  Dogs of all shapes, sizes and ages find themselves homeless.
    Most of them are turned in because their "owners" didn't have time for them; or because they
    grew too big; or because they were too active...  All things that could have been avoided if people
    took a little time to learn about the GSD before running out and buying one.  Shelter and
    rescue volunteers will work with you to help match you up with the right dog for you and
    your lifestyle.  Below are some links to rescue organizations that deal specifically with
    German Shepherd Dogs.
GSD-Rescue.ComAre you looking for 
the right German Shepherd to adopt ?  Want to find 
out how you can help a GSD in need?  This is the place.
Site was originally for the mid-atlantic area, but has 
expanded to include information from other areas of 
the US as well.
German Shepherd Rescue and Adoptions   (North Carolina)
German Shepherd Rescue Groups  
(California with links to other states)
German Shepherd Rescue, Inc. 
(Chicago area)
German Shepherd Rescue of 
New England, Inc
German Shepherd Rescue
(San Francisco Bay area)
German Shepherd Rescue Network 
(Northwest and nationwide)
Northern Utah GSD Rescue
German Shepherd Dog Rescue Houston, Inc. Badgerland German Shepherd Rescue 

If you know of other GSD rescue organizations not listed here.  Please contact me  and
I will add them to this page.
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