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Nara's Tracking Adventures...

I just love tracking with my dogs; and much to my delight Nara loves it too.

Nara's first track (July 11, 2002)
photo's by Kristina Hurley

Hey what's this? Are we supposed to eat it?

Oh; I see the track is on the ground.

Hurry mom it goes this way!

Look what I found...Jackpot!

I had the pleasure of attending a VST workshop presented by Ed Presnall on July 27-28, 2002 here in Missoula, MT. While most of the time was spent with the older dogs I did get the opportunity to run a few puppy tracks with Nara. What fun!!!
Photo by Judy Stroml
Photo by Ed Presnall
Photo by Ed Presnall

On June 8, 2003 Nara and I had the opportunity
to participate in the Big Sky Tracking Dog
Club of Montana's second annual TD test.
It was a beautiful day for tracking and 10 out
of 12 dogs who were entered earned their TD's.
Including Nara; making her only
the 6th PBGV in history to earn this title.

Nara & I with judges Annette Kittleson & Dave Nyman.
Map of Nara's track

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