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  Nara's Hiking Adventures ...

             When we aren't playing at tracking, agility, obedience or some other doggie sport Nara
      enjoys spending some quiet time communing with nature.  Living in Montana we have lots
     of beautiful places to go for walks.

Nara & Aky leading the way
Nara and the boys on a day hike
near Superior, MT 8/10/02
Cito telling Nara to look up at the camera
Shhhhh; I think there might be a rabbit under here somewhere.
Do I really have to come out? I like burrowing under the bushes.

Nara and the boys on one of their regular outings.
 Pictures taken on Sept. 1, 2002.
State lands is a great place right in town.  There is a variety
ground cover from open grassy fields, trees, plowed dirt fields . 
And even an irrigation ditch to cool off in.  It's a great place to 
practice tracking; but it's also fun to just go for a run.

Nara and I enjoy spending time on the trail so mcuh that we decided to pursue a backpacking title.  Nara earned both the BPS (Back Pack Started) and BPJ (Back Pack Junior) titles through the Wet Dog organization this year.  What fun! 

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