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Like most other pure bred dogs German Shepherds can be affected with certian
     health problems.  Unfortunatly for the breed the populatiry of the GSD prompted people to breed
     just for the money.  Without taking the necessary precautions of screening foundation stock for
    genetic tendencies toward health and/or temperment problems.  Lucky for us there are a large
    number of dedicated breeders who are now taking the time and expense to learn more about
    these problems and to work toward producing healthy good tempered  dogs.  Before purchasing
    your new GSD puppy; please take the time to follow these links and learn what you can do to
    keep your puppy happy and healthy.

Disaster Preparation for Pets - A must read for everyone

Canine Eye Registration Foundation - Information on CERF and how to help eliminate heritable eye disease in purebred dogs.

Orthopedic Foundation for Animals - The official site for the OFA.  Learn more about  hip dysplasia, elbow deformities, congenital heart disease.  Also search the database to verify a dog's registration and rating.

            More Information About Hip Dysplasia...
                      Influence of Nutrition on Hip Dysplasia
                      Surgical Options for Canine Hip Dysplasia
                      Penn Hip
                             Misconceptions about hip dysplasia

Some More Health Issues related to the German Shepherd Dog...

            Health Links Page
           Emergency Medical Care for Dogs
           General Health Information Index
           Degenerative Myelopathy  in German  Shepherd Dogs
           First aid for Bloat
                                          More information on Bloat
           Perianal Fistulas
           Von Willebrand's Disease and Hypothyroidism
                                         Understanding Von Willebrand's Disease

            Canine Epilepsy Network

VetGen -- the leader in veterinary genetic  disease research and genetic disease detection services for purebred animals.
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