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The German Shepherd Dog is: "Remarkable in his unswerving loyalty to his master, irrepressible in his high spirits, never idle, always in motion, good-natured but not a flatterer, a constant pleasure to the eye." Max von Stephanitz

I was introduced to German Shepherd Dogs in 1993 when I aquired a German Shepherd Golden Retriever mix. She taught me many wonderful things about dogs and dog ownership in general. The traits I love most about her are the same ones found in most well bred German Shepherd Dogs. My first pure bred GSD entered my life in 1995 and touched my heart in a place that's never been touched before. My life will always be shared with a GSD companion. While the German Shepherd Dog is perfect in my eyes it is not the breed for everyone. German Shepherds are highly intellegent, active, large dogs who need daily excersize and grooming. They need early socialization, and obedience training. The same traits that make GSD's perfect for police work, service dog work, herding, etc. can make them an unsuitable companion if they are not given the proper care. Before you take on the responsibility of adding a dog to your houshold; please take the time to learn more about the various breeds and how they will fit (or not ) your lifestyle. Then find a reputable breeder who will help you find a healthy good tempered dog.I hope you will find the following links enjoyable and informative.

A Profile of the GSD -   Information about German Shepherd Dogs their history, breed standard, and things you need to know if you're thinking about owning a GSD German Shepherd Shopper's Guide - This is a must read article if you are thinking about buying a GSD.
Save a Life - Adopt a Rescue Dog Vom Haus Shoal German Shepherd Dogs  A very informative site featuring DDR lines of the German Shepherd.
Working Dogs .com  - This is a great site that has a ton of information about the working German Shepherd Dog.   The German Shepherd Web Site - This site contains links to more information about German Shepherds, pictures of GSD's from all over the world and  GSD-L mailing list.
Bergsteiger Kennels  - Want to know if a GSD is the right dog for you? Need to learn more about health concerns? Looking for the perfect name or ways to prepare for your new GSD puppy?  Visit this site for tons of great information.   The Evolution of the Conformation   Movement: 100 Years in  Retrospect Who Will Guard the Guardian?
The Great Debate American Lines vs. German Lines  - German Shepherds come in many shapes and sizes.  This article helps explain the differences. United Schutzhund Club of America - This is the official web page of USA go here to find out more about the sport of schutzhund and the German Shepherd Dog
Bergweiler Kennels - This is the site of the breeder of my boy Aky German Shepherd Dogs in Herding  - A great site full of information about what the German Shepherd Dog was originally bred to do.
Health Concerns in the GSD- A great list of links explaining some of the genetic health problems found in GSD's and what we can do to help eliminate them. The German Shepherd Dog Club of America -  This is the official page for the  GSDCA.  Here you will find information about the German Shepherd National Breed Club.


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