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   Guarantees & Contracts
          We feel that a Total Dog should possess intelligence, sound structure, confidence, and
           beauty. They should be neither shy and fearful, nor aggressive and vicious. We are a
           small kennel, striving to improve the breed, we do not believe in indiscriminate breeding
           for profit. We produce  litters on a limited basis. Our dogs are members of our family,
           they live in the house and join in all family activities.

          We will only breed to and from dogs that are structurally and tempermentally sound.
          All breeding stock must be OFA certified (or equivalent) and free of all major faults
          according to SV and/or AKC Breed Standards.

          All dogs leave here with:
                - A copy of the contract and health guarantee
                -  AKC registration (or AKC limited registration)
                - A copy of the dogs pedigree
                - A photocopy of the parents health Certificates (OFA, CERF, etc.)
                - A veterinary health certificate
                -  The dog's health record, listing all shots & deworming information
                -  A puppy pack containing information on feeding, health issues & care
                        of your new puppy
                 - Full after purchase support, if at anytime you have questions,  problems or brags
                         we are only a phone call away. We  love hearing from our extended family.

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