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Cito and I discovered just how much fun agility can be.  We also found out that the really
good handler/dog teams make it look a lot easier than it truly is.  Cito's favorite obstacle of all
is the tunnel and sometimes he will go out of his way to run through it a few extra times.
He just doesn't understand why the course designers don't add a few more tunnels to their
plans.  We aren't the fastest team on the course, or the most accurate; but we certainly
have a ton of fun.

Through the tire 
over the teeter 
Spokane, Washington 
"Ha ha look at me"
Idaho Falls 1999

Trial Location Date Judge Class Score Time Placement
Missoula, MT 6/26/99 Doug Harley Novice Standard 95 54.00 4th
Idaho Falls, ID 8/1/99 Gayle George-Sackett Novice standard 95 50.00 3rd
Spokane, WA 8/29/99 Pat Gutiez Novice Standard 90 57.00 2nd
Spokane, WA 8/29/99 Pat Gutiez Novice Jumpers 99 48.00 3rd


Off to a good start on the jumpers course
Completing the last jump for his first 
qualifying run in Novice Jumpers

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