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Cito's Story...
Cito vom AdlerBlick  (SZ0005697, USF1859 )

Date of Birth: 2/25/95 

Hips: "a" zuerkannt

Titles Earned:  Am./Can. CD, UCD, CGC, B, FH, Can. TDX, TD, T-1, WDX, UWP, NA, O-VCCX, PD, TDI

    This is Cito, my pride and joy.  He's the first German Shepherd Dog I've ever owned (or should
    I say that has owned me).  I fell in love with him the minute he stepped off the plane.  Cito has
    been my introduction to the world of dog sports, he's my do everything, try anything dog.  Cito
    is a red sable GSD and his lines go back to West German working and show dogs as well as East
   German working dogs.   Click here to see his pedigree.

    Cito and I enjoy participating in a wide variety of activities together.  He introduced me to
    the sport of Schutzhund and though we never went beyond a B he taught me alot about the
    sport.  We are currently participating in obedience, tracking and agility. He has been a
    medalist in weight pulling through the IWPA; And has become one of my most cherished
    companions and friends.  We also enjoy backpacking, skijoring and just going for doggie
    walks.  Go to my pictures link to see some pictures of Cito doing his thing.

    In addition to introducing me to a variety of fun activities Cito has also introduced me to
    one of the common health problems found in the breed.  At a year of age he was diagnosed
    with a fragmented coronoid process (FCP) in both elbows.  He is currently not in any pain
    and enjoys the activities he participates in.  We keep a close eye on his condition and if he
    appears sore or stiff after participating in a particular activity we don't do that any more.
    For more information on elbow dysplasia check out this article written by By Daniel A.
    Degner, DVM.
    Other links containing useful information on elbow dysplasia:
    OFA info on elbow dysplasia
    The Doctor's Bag
    Southern California Veterinary Surgical Group
    Elbow Disease in Growing Dogs
   Inheritance of Osteochondritis Dessicans and Fragmented Coronoid Process of the Elbow
        Joint in Labrador Retrievers
   Fragmented Coronoid Process

 Cito's Pedigree...


Cito Vom Adler Blick


*V- Dilo vom Holtzwinkel 
SchH3, FH, IP3, 
KKL1; SZ:1744703, USF:1134;  OFA GS-36988G59M-T


*V-Jerro v.d. Murrenhuette SchH3; SZ:1658665 


*V-Fanto von Arminius SchH3; SZ:1592044

*Lasso v. Wiedenbruecker Land SchH3; SZ:1491440 

*Fee v. Wiehertuerchen SchH1; SZ:1478776
*V-Zofe v.d. Murrenhuette 
SchH3; SZ:1446119
*Frei v. Hungrigen Wolf SchH3; SZ:1357956
*Blanka v. Haus Wittmer SchH1; SZ:1255892


*V-Tosca vom Holtzwinkel SchH3, FH, IP3; 



*V-Verro v. Kirschental SchH3; SZ:1578315

*Pasha v. Glockeneck SchH3, FH; SZ:1482691 
Una Kirschental HGH; SZ:1429072

*V-Judi v. Tummelbush SchH2; SZ:1488612
*Canto v.d. Ill Einfahrt SchH3; SZ:1387133
*Bessie v. Holtriem SchH1; SZ:1232413


Cora Vom Burgberg SchH1; SZ:4495, USF:1349 


Argo v.d. Zederau SchH3; AKC WF 261830 

*Ulk v. Bungalow SchH3, FH; SZ:1412389 

*Caro v. Allerswald SchH3, FH, IP3;
*Pali v. Bungalow 
SchH3, FH; 
Pozmann's Cara-Mia 
AKC WF 011559
Vello v. Rittergut 
AKC WC 374694
Inga v.d. Rhineburg 
AKC WE 696851


Shoal's Janon vonm Spezialblut 
AKC D 665460 

Bill v.d. Wahrburger-Strasse SchH1, FH; SZ:1593260 

*Held v. Ritterberg SchH3; DDR:103314 

*Fea v. Stephanstal SchH1; DDR:88822
*Carmen v. Schloss Weihensberg SchH1 

*V-Greif zum Lantal SchH3, FH INT; 

*Ira v. Kirschantal SchH3, FH 

Many Thanks to the people who helped me find the information and pictures used to create this pedigree:
Yvonne Hecht,"Bits and Bytes" GSD Pedigree Research,
R.L. Plummer at Arkham Manor,
East German Shepherd Central,
and Teri Rosegaard.


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Some Pictures of Cito...
Scootering in the Park
To learn more about our scootering
adventures click here. 

Here's Cito having fun 
at his first agility trial
Click here to see more
about  Cito and agility

Cito is a certified therapy dog through Therapy Dogs Incorporated.  Here he is making new friends at the nursing home.

"Need  a ride?"

"Stand back every one;
I'll take care of this guy"

Cito showing everyone that 
weight pulling isn't just for 
northern breeds. Click here
to see Cito pulling with IWPA
or here to see weight pulling
with the United Kennel Club

"Hurry up guys; the trail goes this way"

"Don't worry mom; I'll find your wallet"


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