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Aky's Tracking Adventures:

Aky and I both enjoy tracking. We get to spend time exploring the outdoors
and learning how to work together as a team. In addition to having fun together,
traveling and creating a closer bond with each other our tracking adventures have
provided an opportunity for Aky and I to compete and earn titles. Titles such as
Tracking Dog (TD), Tracking Dog Excellent(TDX) and Schutzhund(FH1).

This year (1999) Aky and I went to
Spokane, WA to attend an AKC Tracking Dog Test. This was his first attempt
at a TD title and he passed with flying colors.
Here's a map of his track

And here he is posing for the camera
with the two judges, the tracklayer,
and a very proud mom

On May 19, 2001 Aky and I had the opportunity
to visit Spruce Grove, Alberta and try our paw at a Canadian TD.
The morning appeared to be perfect for a tracking test. Cool and overcast
with no wind. We arrived at the tracking site and all was going well.
The first dog passed easily. Someone noticed very dark storm clouds in the
distance and we all hoped they would wait till we were done with our tracks.
Well the storm waited just long enough for Aky and I to head out to our start flag.
The wind gusted and the rain turned to sleet and Aky gave me a look that told me
he thought I was nuts to be out here in this kind of weather.
He had some trouble at the start and circled around as if he couldn't find
anything to track. I called him back to me and asked him to lie down at the start flag
and to just give it a try for me. He moved on out and as he passed the second flag he gained confidence and speed.
He trotted and I jogged the rest of the way to the end article for a soggy but wonderful pass.

Photos by Annie Wieler
On September 29, 2001 under the watchfull eye of Judge Bill Knox Aky earned his FH. He was a little hesitant at the start but was soon showing us all he knew what his job was.
He had a very deep nose was a bit fast but was totally on task. The first article was in the first leg then he crossed over a "road" which was a 6 foot wide blacktop path. The VST training paid off and he didn't even acknowledge that it was a different surface just kept his nose down and went right over it.

All of the spectators were standing on the blacktop path watching. When I noticed how close everyone was I was afriad we had made a mistake; but since the judge hadn't said anything to me yet we just kept going. Aky didn't even notice that there were 15 people standing directly in front of him (less than 10 yards away) and kept on tracking.  He got distracted a bit by a neighbor hood dog who noticed him and started barking (the track was in a huge park) but went back to work.
The judge said he didn't even hesitate at any of
the cross tracks just stayed on task. The only bobble was at one point when I let the line slip
out of my hands. Aky never noticed; he kept going and I had to run to catch up and grab the line. There were a few circles on corners and some anticipation at the articles but he earned a very respectable score of 86

On (Date?) Aky and I went to
Spokane, WA to attend an AKC Tracking Dog excellent Test. Unlike his TD we did not pass on his first try & we learned many things on his previous attempts. He was one of two dogs to pass this day and I can think of no greater feeling than when he indicated the last article and everyone cheered.
Here's a map of his track

And here he is posing for the camera
with the two judges, the tracklayer,
and a very proud mom

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